The Timothy Fish

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 11/29/2007

In Monopoly, it takes three of a color to have a complete set. When you have all three, you can charge more when people land there and you can build houses and hotels. With web domains, the three extensions .com, .net and .org are usually considered a complete set. There are now other extensions, but these three are the most valuable and the .com extension is the most valuable of all. For a couple of years, I have had the domain. I was not sure that I wanted the domain, but it was available and I picked it up the other day. The one that I really wanted was the domain, but it was taken. Today, I completed the set. Now, I will charge double rate I was charging people visiting my site. Now I will build houses and hotels.

So, maybe I canít do that, but even though the domain may not be valuable to anyone who does not share my name, there is value in having it to complete the set. For now, I will simply redirect traffic from it to the domain, but that is something that I could not do before. Before, if someone asked for the location of my website, I would say that it was at and people might walk away thinking they knew how to find my website. They would go to their computer and type and what they would find would be the website of one Timothy Fish, living in Austin (if I recall correctly). On his website, they would find some picture of his stitches after surgery. That was fine for him, but it did me little good.

There may be hundreds of men with the name Timothy Fish. I think there is one that owned my house or the land it sits on before I bought it. Some of them are not good and decent people. Some of them are in trouble with the law. But, with a complete set, I can distinguish myself from all of the others. There may be a Timothy A. Fish, a Timothy B. Fish, a Timothy C. Fish, a Timothy Fish 1 or many other things, but I am the Timothy Fish. If you donít believe me, check the Internet.

It is a little like a book I loved when I was a kid. There were two bakers in town and they were both name Barney. The older one was called Barney the Baker, because he had always been the baker, but the other was call Barney the Beard, because he had a beard. He shaved his beard and he became Barney the Bush because his hear was long. He saved his head and he became Barney the Bald. His hair began to grow and he became Barney the Brush, but they never called him Barney the Baker. One day, Barney the Baker retired, but Barney the Brush, who was Barney the Bald, who was Barney the Brush, who was Barney the Beard refused to open his shop. He left town and they had no baker, but he came back with a ribbon because he had taken first place in a baking contest. Then they called him Barney the Master Baker and he was pleased. Having the complete set makes me like Barney the Baker. The other guys can be Timothy Fish the Beard or Timothy Fish the Bald. I am just Timothy Fish and thatís the way I like it.