12 Reasons to Buy Searching For Mom for Christmas

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 12/3/2007

  1. It is more enjoyable than a partridge in a pear tree.
  2. It is a good heart warming story.
  3. The fruit cake you keep passing around has started to grow mold.
  4. The cover is red. What is more Christmassy than that?
  5. It is the perfect gift for someone who has everything.
  6. It has your motherís name on the back cover.
  7. With a gold ring on the cover, buy five and it will be like giving five golden rings.
  8. Santa wonít be delivering it, since his elves are reading the copies he has ordered.
  9. It is healthier than another box of chocolate covered cherries.
  10. Ten pipers piping is ten too many.
  11. You need someone to borrow it from.
  12. Your Dad is talking about building a new closet for his neckties.