Just in Time for Christmas

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 12/7/2007

I really didnít think that it was going to be out in time, but How to Become a Bible Character is out just in time for Christmas. If you order now, there is still time for you to put it under a Christmas tree near you. If you ask him nicely, maybe Santa will be kind enough to deliver it on Christmas Eve.

What is it about? It is about unanswered prayer. It is about reaching our lost friends and family for the Lord, but it is a novel about a young associate pastor who most guide a friend who has a desire to become a Bible character. Impossible, yes, or is it?

This novel is the second in a series that begins with the book Searching for Mom. With this second book, I wanted to tell the story of a couple of boys who were unnamed in the first book, but in this book they are Neal and Ben. Ben is the eighth grade bully from the first book and Neal is the boy who kept him from bothering the sixth graders. I wanted to focus on them because I thought it would be interesting to explore why two polar opposites could be friends. Neal is the perfect example of a good kid and Ben is just the opposite. Neal has friends, Ben doesnít. Neal is a Christian; Ben isnít. They have little in common and yet they are friends. I thought that was worth exploring.

The subject of witnessing to the lost is covered in detail throughout the book. That was not one of my goals when I started the book, but as the story began to unfold and take shape it seemed like it was so much a part of who the characters are. When Christians have lost friends or family members that they want to see saved, they spend so much time thinking about the subject of salvation that it flavors everything that they do.

I would like to encourage you to give this book to all of your friends who have lost friends or family members that they are trying to reach for Christ. They will be glad you did.