Hearing Mom Laugh

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 12/28/2007

There arenít many people who have read my new book,How to Become a Bible Character. One person who has is my mother. I had the pleasure of being at home while she read it for the first time. Dad read it before her. I donít think I have ever heard him laugh while reading a book. That is just the way he is. Mom, on the other hand, is the type who will tell people in the room when she finds something funny in a book. She was reading my book and I was reading a book by another author when I heard her laugh. I asked her what was so funny and it was then that she revealed to me that she had gotten to a funny part and she was going to share what the author had said, but she realized that I had written it, so I already knew what I had said.

I wasnít sure if I wanted to be around when my mother read my book. But when she finished the book, she told me that she laughed and she cried while reading it. It appears that she laughed and she cried in all the right places, so I hope that the same will be true of the other people who read it as well.