Let's Talk Security

Written By: Timothy fish Published: 7/28/2008

I normally limit my comments here to things related to publishing, web design and writing fiction, but I would like to deviate from that to talk about security. I donít mean security as it is related to computers and the internet. I mean security in reference to home security and business security, the kind of security that involves burglar alarms and motion detectors. I mean the kind of security that you need to keep people from stealing copper and anything else they can get their hands on. That kind of security.

Just the other day, I was visiting with Greg Peninger of NTX Security and he showed me a system that is well suited for job site security and other situations. The system is a motion activated video camera that is connected to the monitoring station, so when they see video like the one here, the police know that it isnít a false alarm and are more likely to respond while they have a chance of catching the guy in the act.

If you live in North Texas and you are interested in security equipment of some kind, you should let the people at NTX Security tell you what they can do for you. Tell them Timothy sent you.