Hosea Chapter Ten

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 10/13/2008

Hosea continues to speak against Israel in Hosea 10. Here, Israel is an empty vine. The fruit they are producing is being wasted. They are building altars and making images. Because of what they had done, the Lord would break their altars and ruin their images.

A pronouncement has already been made that the enemy is coming, but here in chapter ten they are told that they will be without a king because they didnít fear the Lord.

The people were worshiping images of calves. The people of Samaria would fear because the calves of Bethaven would be taken away. The people and the priests would mourn because of the loss. The image would be carried to King Jareb of Assyria.

We may not worship a calf today, but it is easy to let other things stand between us and God. We may mourn when our car, our money, our boat or whatever is taken away and someone else gets it.

The places where they had been offering sacrifice would be destroyed. Thorns and thistles would grow up and cover them. The people of Israel would seek to end their lives by calling for the mountains and hills to fall on them.

Hosea tells them that it is time to seek the Lord. He tells them to sow righteousness so they can reap mercy. He tells then that they have plowed wickedness and reaped iniquity. We will always reap what we sow. We canít expect to do our own thing without respect to what God wants and then expect him to give us mercy and righteousness. If we are doing evil things then we can expect others to do evil to us.

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