Not What He Expected

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 11/11/2008

On my blog I have a post about how to impress God. One recent visitor found it by searching for the phrase ďhow to impress women with dirty thoughts.Ē I donít know what this person was hoping to find, but Iím pretty sure my post wasnít what he bargained for. My post deals with a topic that is far removed from what the search phrase seems to imply. I very much doubt that God is at all impressed with women with dirty thoughts or the men who hope to impress them.

I mention that because we sometimes touch the lives of people that we donít expect to touch. We donít have to be like the world or take part in the worldís activities to be able to make contact with them. If the person read the post, he got a message straight from the Bible rather than instructions on how to do what he hoped to do. Isnít that what Christians should hope to accomplish through writing and through the Internet? Our desire is for lives to be transformed.