Global Warming? Prove It.

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 2/2/2007

Ah, Groundhog Day. I woke of this morning and once again there was ice on the roads. If I counted correctly, that makes five ice storms in North Texas so far this winter. That is four more than we normally have. On the morning news they were talking about Punxsutawney Phil, who is apparently predicting an early Spring. They keep talking about a mild winter and all I can think is that it is cold and wet. That might be mild in the North, but in Texas it is the worst winter I have seen since I moved here. Iíve seen worse, but not in Texas.

The doomsday scientists are talking about global warming. Why in the world they pick winter to talk about global warming, I donít know. They might get farther in the Summer time. It is cold outside. Iím having a hard time believing that these guys donít belong to the Church of Global Warming. I also donít really care how many of them believe that the climate change is caused by man. Why should it matter whether it is 66% or 90%? They are supposed to be scientists. Why donít they start acting like scientists and try to prove something rather than basing their opinion on how many of them believe something to be true? If I were to put a couple hundred theologians in a room and after voting they said that they were 90% certain that God created the Universe, the scientists would say it that is not sufficient evidence, so I say to the scientists, show us some proof or quit trying to scare everyone.