Evolutionist Doctrinal Statement

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 3/1/2007

Note: The following is intended to show the doctrinal statement that a church of evolution might adopt if such a church was to be created. To the authorís knowledge, no such group exists.


We believe in Science. No fact exists unless it is consistent with what we have seen, heard, felt, tasted, smelled or otherwise observed. All things that are true can be observed. Anything that has ever occurred can be repeated. The fundamental rules of the Universe that we have observed during centuries of scientific observation have never changed over a period of millions of years and will never change in the future.

Fundamental Rules of the Universe

We believe that there are several fundamental rules of the Universe (or Universes) that limit the actions of all beings within all Universes and any god that may or may not exist. We while we know these things to exist, we are only now learning what they are.

Constant Speed of Light

One fundamental rule that governs everything is that the speed of light is a constant. We know this to be true because was have observed it to be a constant within the few million miles that we have been able to reach with space exploration vehicles. We therefore conclude that it is constant in the entire galaxy, all galaxies and in the space between the galaxies.

All Beings Influenced by Time

We believe that no being can exist outside of time. Any being that exists must exist somewhere in the timeline of the world. It may be possible for a being to move forward or backward within this timeline and it may be possible for a being to jump to a different timeline and a different Universe, but nothing can transcend time or exist outside of a Universe.

Cause and Effect

We believe in cause and effect. Anything that ever happens is a direct result of something else that has already happened. Since the time of the Big Bang, there has been a chain of events that has led to the existence of the world as we know it. These events were chaotic, but because there has been eons of time and because the Universe is vast, there is at least one world in which all of the unlikely things that are required for the development of life came together and formed the beginning stages of life.

Tenets of Evolution

We believe that once the random events leading of to life occurred, a chain of events was set in motion that caused life to form as we know it. Some of these events were random, but because of the Tenets of Evolution, the events leading up to the development of the various species were accelerated.


We believe in the process of microevolution. Microevolution is the process by which small changes occur in the genetic structure of an organism. Some of these changes are considered beneficial while others are considered harmful.

Natural Selection

We believe that natural selection works with microevolution to determine which organism survive and which will become extinct. The organisms that have the most beneficial changes, will survive in the greatest numbers. Those that have unbeneficial changes will have a more difficult time surviving.


We believe that over time enough changes occur within a species to prevent some the production of viable offspring from breeding of an organism with the change with one that does not have the changes. This causes a separation into two species.

Origin of Man

We believe that Man evolved from ape-like creatures. We believe that a rapid mutation resulted in a larger brain with greatly improved abilities. The organisms with this larger brain would have naturally congregated and thus the process of natural selection would have been accelerated.

The Missing Links

We believe that evidence of organisms that were in the evolutionary stages between the species that currently live will someday be found in the fossil record. We believe that the dinosaurs became extinct before man evolved, so there must be evidence of evolution that occurred between the Jurassic period and the present.

Age of Fossils

We believe that radiometric dating can be used to determine the age of fossils going back millions of years. We believe that the ratio of one radioactive element to another is a constant over eons. We have observed the constant over a period of a few years. We future prove this by showing that fossils that would require millions of years to evolve appear to be millions of years old by radiometric dating. Because the fossils prove this, we can therefore use this method to determine the age of fossils.

Metaphysical Viewpoint

We believe that anyone who believes that an intelligent being created the Universe is a fool. We believe that anything that may appear to have been done by such a being can be explained by science if enough time is spent researching the issue. We believe that creation should not be given validity because it would be impossible for us to observe such an event. If was cannot observe it then it could not have happened.

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