Short Story: The Story Teller

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 5/23/2007

I have made the decision to make the short story The Story Teller available for download in PDF format, free of charge. I am more interest in people being able to read the story than what I am in making profit from it. It is my hope that after people read the story they will be moved to tell other people about the story and maybe even send it to their friends.

The story is very short, coming in at 2099 words. It is the account of some events that occurred in a king's court and is told from the point of view of one of the servants, but it is not told in her voice. A strange little man visits the king and is able to do some things that no one has seen before.

I have some thoughts of converting this story into a full length novel at some future date. If I do, it will be in a different setting. Most likely it will be a satire, whereas The Story Teller is meant to be more whimsical and fun.

Enjoy the story and let others know what you think. Download the story here.