Dangerous Book for Boys

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 6/21/2007

Here is a book that you have got to love seeing make it to the top of best seller lists. The book is call Dangerous Book for Boys. If you have not seen it, the book is full of some really cool stuff that is interesting to boys and it is not about video games. It has things like how to make paper airplanes, bows and arrows and other cool stuff. It is a lot of the stuff that I did when I was growing up. Some of my favorite books, when I was a kid, were the ones that told me how to do and make different things. Dangerous Book for Boys also includes knowledge type things that some boys like to learn, such as the seven wonders of the world and other things.

Harry Potter is still entrenched at the top, but the fact that Dangerous Book for Boys is ranked so high is a good indication that parents believe their boys are interested in doing things rather than watching things get done.

Looking at this from the standpoint of an author/publisher, I cannot help but wonder if we are seeing a cycle in the publishing industry. I expect to see more howto books for children written in the next several months. I wonder if there may not be other genres that are just waiting to make a comeback.