The Woman I Love

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 8/18/2007

There is a woman that I love very much. She does not know it yet, but I love her all the same. She may know my name and then again, she may not. For a woman that I love so much, there is very little that I can tell you. I cannot tell you what she looks like or how tall she is. I cannot tell you if her hair is as straight as the strings on a harp or as wavy as the ocean. I cannot tell you if she has a quick smile or is shy when she meets a stranger. While there are many things that I cannot tell you, there are many things that I can.

This woman is a Christian and more than that, she is a Baptist, or she will be. This woman has a love for the Lord that comes above all else, or she will. This woman has a desire to be actively involved in church work, though I am not sure what areas of service interest her. She has a love for children and has a desire to have some of her own, but I do not think she has any now. Though I am not sure, I am certain that this woman is self-confident and can think for her self. She may enjoy a good argument, or she may not, but she can hold her own when she faces one.

The woman of whom I speak is my future wife, if God will be so kind as to bless me in that way. I do not know her name. I do not know her appearance. I do not know where she lives, but I already love her. I do not say this because I intended to write a sappy article, but I say it because it seems like many men fail to follow a command of God. “Husbands, love your wives,” they have been commanded and yet we see so many divorces. It bothers me so much to see these divorces because every divorce hurts everyone involved. It is not just the couple and the kids who are hurt. The in-laws are hurt. The friends of the couple are hurt. I would much rather that I never marry than marry and then get divorced. When I marry, I intend to stay that way, but I look at all of my friends and family members who I thought had the same idea but have ended up getting a divorce. What right do I have to think that my marriage will be different?

One thing I know is that I fully intend to do my part. God has said that I am to love her, so whoever this woman is might as well know right now that I intend to love her until the day I die. It does not matter what she does; I will always love her. She will not be able to do anything that will end my love for her, and I really do mean anything. I intend to do whatever it takes and I hope that she will do the same. I cannot control her actions, but I hope that I will never give her reason to want to leave me, because if she does she will break the heart with which I will always love her.