Friend Siteings

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 9/20/2007

Below are links to webpages and blogs of a few of my Amazon friends or people I encountered in other parts of cyberspace. Many of these friends are fellow authors. Please do not take the fact that they are listed here as being an endorsment of their work. I have not read the work of many of these authors. If I intend to endorse their work I will do so by posting a favorable review after I have read their work and decided that they deserve an endorsement. These links are for information only.

Alison Stobel

Alton Gansky

Amy Wallace

Ann Tatlock

April Robins (*)

Audra Silva (*)

Betsy Ann St. Amont

Blake Snyder

Bonnie Brunno

Brandilyn Collins

C. J. Darlington

Camy Tang

Cara Putnam

Cecelia Dowdy

Charis Connection

Chip MacGregor

Christian Author's Network

Christina Berry

Colleen Coble

Crystal E. Miller

D'Ann Mateer

Dineed A. Miller

Donna J. Shephard

Erynn Mangum

Faith in Fiction

From Where I Sit

Gina L. Holmes

Goodword Editing

Heather Gemmen Wilson

Jenny B. Jones

Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Julie Carobini

Julie M. Eller

Kathi Macias

Kelly Klepfer

Kevin Lucia

Kristy Dykes

Lisa B. Buffaloe

Marylynn Griffith

Mary Conneally

Mary E. DeMuth

Michelle Sutton

Neal Watts

N. J. Mollet

Nicole Petrino-Salter

Novel Reviews

Paula J. Miller

Rachelle Gardner

Richard Mabry


Robin Lee Hatcher

Ruth Anderson

Sarah Mlynowski

Sharon Hinck

Simon Haynes

Stephen & Janet Bly

Steven James

T. Suzanne Eller

Terry Burns

The Rejector

Tina Helmuth

Tricia Goyer

Trish Perry

Vennessa Ng

W. Terry Whalin

Your Writer's Group