Banned Book Week 2007

Written By: Timothy Fish Published: 9/28/2007

Did you know that September 29 through October 5 are the dates that the sponsors have set for Banned Book Week this year? I only found out today when I read a post by Kelly Klepfer on the Novel Journey blog. I highly recommend that you read this post because it is an interview with Rebecca Zeidel who is the Program Director for the American Booksellers Foundation for Free Expression.

Christians and Free Speech

As my primary interests are centered around Christian beliefs, there are a few things really stood out from the interview. One of the questions was, “How can novelists who write from a JudeoChristian worldview support free speech?” To that, Rebecca Zeidel responded, “Everyone should support free speech!” and went on to say that free speech is protected by the First Amendment. She also stated the opinion that the best way to deal with unfavorable speech is more speech.

Just Who Are These People?

Some Christians may be surprised at one of the names that Rebecca Zeidel gave when she answered the question “What is the most appalling situation you’ve seen or heard regarding a challenged book?” She mentioned a very familiar organization called the American Family Association (AFA). Many Christians will recognize the name as that of a group they have heard mentioned from the pulpit. It is an organization whose stated goal is to help strengthen the moral fiber of America.

More to Come

For now, let me just say that some of the people who seek to have books banned have a familiar face. I would like to cover this in more detail, but not today. Allow me to leave it as a cliffhanger to encourage you to come back here during Banned Book Week when I will cover topics related to banned books and the role Christians do and should play in the banning of books.